About Us

The history of Fish Freaks Plus - mascot image.About Us


Let’s have a brief history lesson. Fish Freaks Plus was born out of our personal needs as tropical fish hobbyists. With encouragement from friends within our Facebook Group, we saw an opportunity and made a decision. Consequently we realized that our opportunity could be everybody’s. Almost immediately we realized that we could provide a service at a fair price. Probably lower than the local big box stores too. As a result, Fish Freaks Plus began to grow from idea to reality. In addition to supplying our close group of fish friends, we realized we could offer these same prices to the general fish keeping public. Finally, we made the leap and built our website and online store.

Why Fish Freaks Plus?

Our little history lesson gives you a hint. Fish Freaks Plus was built on a solid foundation by practical fish keepers with years of experience in the hobby. That means you can be sure that you are not only getting quality tropical fish products, but sound fish keeping advice. We offer weekly tips and product reviews provided by experts in tropical fish. You can’t get that from a big box pet store! Would you rather deal with the frustration of some uninformed employee? Or get sound advice and expertise? If you chose the second question, then you are in the right place.

Join Us

Want to save even more money? Well you can! Join us on our group on Facebook and receive regular discounts and special deals. You can find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fishfreaksplus/ and become part of our growing community. Meet thousands of people just like you with a passion for keeping tropical fish. We would love to have you and you are more than welcome. Tell your friends too! The bottom line is that we are all one big family, dedicated to the love of tropical fish. Thank you for visiting FishFreaksPlus.com.