Fenbendazole Flakes 1.5oz


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Fenbendazole Flake is a highly effective deworming food for freshwater, and saltwater tropical species. Our product uses pure medication, with no fillers to lessen the effectiveness of treatment. This food is highly effective in the treatment of camallanus worms.

Due to issues with successful treatment of levamisole, fish and parasites have build up a resistance making it difficult to rid your fish and tank of parasites. Fenbendazole is the better choice as it does kill the parasites, unlike Levamisole which can only paralyze the parasites to keep the fish safe from overdosing.

A fast acting treatment! Results can often be seen within an hour of ingestion.

Treatment: Offer as the only food source for 3-5 days. Repeat in 3 weeks to ensure any newly hatched parasites are eradicated.


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