Shipping supports the U.S. Postal Service. For our shipping needs we rely soley on them . They have consistently provided exceptional service. Customers may count on USPS to deliver their order in a timely fashion too. Compared to the competition, we feel USPS is the optimal solution for shipping our products. Plus they generally cost less compared to the competition.

Shipping Information

We ship via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail. A flat rate fee is charged by content. All orders will ship for a low fee of $4.99. If a customer wishes to ship Priority Express due to weather or to insure faster arrival, we can accommodate their request at an additional fee. Please contact us via email for a quote. After your purchase is finalized, your order is placed in que for next available shipping. Each order is inspected thoroughly before being sent out. So there it is, cut and dry, it doesn’t get easier than that.